Clean & Bold is a brand that is made ONLY for Men. It has been started with the purpose to celebrate manhood and build confidence. Men are presently using products which are created for woman’s skin. Its fragrance, texture, and chemicals are designed to best suit the needs of women. We want to change this! Clean & Bold is that initiative that is changing this perception for men.
Clean & Bold is specially designed to take care of men’s skin which goes through a completely different environment of pollution & dirt. Clean & Bold soaps, body wash, shampoo & lotion come with a unique natural formula that has been extracted & studied in Ayurveda. From ancient to present-day biology books state the epidemiological difference in man and woman skin. Hence, our products are an amalgamation of Himalayan rock salt and Ayurvedic ingredients to cater to men’s needs. The Himalaya rock salt with moringa extract & Jojoba helps in the cleaning & rejuvenation of the skin. Aloe vera moisturizes and keeps the skin hydrated. It unclogs the pores and softens the skin. The lotion can be applied aftershave too as it helps in soothing nicks and cuts. It contains vitamin C & E and beta-carotene in abundance which fights skin aging and reduces the chances of infection and acne.
Coconut and almond oil bolster a skin protective barrier layer which helps in trapping moisture inside and keep skin supple and hydrated. It deeply cleans the skin without depleting the natural skin oil.
Our packaging is environment friendly as we use reusable bottles to reduce carbon footprint. The bottles are designed in white and blue shades to show purity and competence. The bottles and boxes have rich texture to give a superior customer experience.