Men are the only ones that works hard all their life without the hope of getting rewarded. They are the unsung heroes of our society and the key to a better world. They have put their blood & sweat to create a more nurturing and safe environment for all of us. They deserve to be recognized and appreciated for all the efforts they put into supporting their families. So, Thankyou men is an initiative about raising awareness and showing appreciation for the unsung heroes of our society.

  • The #ThankyouMan initiative is started to extend our gratitude for the man who has molded our lives in the most significant manner. Through this initiative our purpose is,
    To change the way how our society and the world view them.
  • To acknowledge the value of men’s contribution by appreciating them every day, through a campaign of gratitude.
  • To create a culture of gratitude in our society where men get to be recognized and appreciated for all the roles they play, as a father, son, brother, partner, provider, teacher, and mentor.
  • To grow the spirit of thankfulness by recognizing how men put immense efforts in order to change and improve children’s lives, from birth to adulthood.

All men exist for a purpose and have graciously adorned so many different roles. We appreciate all the efforts they put in, to feed and protect their family #wethankyoumen